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CNY 2017

Seems like I am very active to write blog these few days..

I am catching time to clear my “debts”. 😅

This story is about chinese new year 2017.

Mom came back for a month. If i haven’t told you before, we got fight and cold war for many months since May 2016 until end of year 2016. I stopped communicate with her. It’s because she treat me unjustly and wrongly blame me for something that i did not do. I try to explain but she won’t listen and keep cursing me, and told me that she won’t admit me as daughter anymore. Then what..!? After many months she found out the truth and she came to me. Although she didn’t say sorry (elder’s ego), but she started to call me.

I can forgive her, but need sometime to forget. I write on this blog just to remind me if i become parent one day, please listen to children’s explanation before you judge. And say sorry to children is not a worst thing to do and i believe it won’t hurt the elder’s ego.

Ok, that’s already ootd, we back to CNY story, so my mom came back for a month, we met up couple times, although still have feeling barrier, but we respect each other and things run well.

As usual ritual of CNY, we visited elders since we are the youngest in the family.

Also some CNY celebrations at SMB school and PCI. I have duties as MC, perform sanjuban and join the choir. This time CNY, the PCI lecturer made jiaozi (chinese dumpling) for students. In chinese tradition, eating jiaozi at new year is a must, means 吉利 (lucky, prosperous), because the shape of dumpling is looks like shoe-shaped gold (元宝 yuanbao).

Wealth is only one thing in life

Health and Happiness is everything



Blue Yena

Last post! This was our born day story on April 2017. As usual, we have some celebrations with family and best friends.

This year birthday, I really touched because my cousin prepared cake for me, my grandma & godmom gave me a big red pocket blessing, and friends precious present. I was touched not because of the gift, but the attention and caring that shower me. I really thank God for placing them next to me.

It was also a sad day for Suri, because her pap passed away. Deep condolences! She came back for a week, and the last day before she went back to oz, we had lunch together at red bean.

This life is not eternal, just a road that we need to go through. Cherish every moments! Live happily and die without regret..

Wish that my life can be a blessing for others 🙏

Keep humble..

Be wise..

Stay positive..


Blue Yena


Every year I have my own studying target, and I push myself to reach that target.

This is how I keep my self on track. If not like that, I will slow down, relax and lost in the jungle.. hahaha.

You can say that I am too hard to myself. But this is what I learnt from experience. In the past, I am ‘too good’ to myself, always pamper myself and give up every time I feel the condition is not supporting. As the result, I can’t even finish my bachelor degree. So now, I must push myself very hard and keep moving forward although it’s a bit late. Better late then never, isn’t it?

Last June I took HSK 5 and i passed it with the score : 274 of 300. I am very proud of myself because within two years I can achieve it. Lucky is also playing a part, but studying with strategy and correct direction is the best way to reach your target.

Keep fighting! Next target is HSK 6!

Blue yena

Start counting days…

and i will keep counting the days until i come back..

Feeling campur aduk.. happy, excited, worry, ga tega ninggalin hubby and anak-anak murid.. tapi decided to be tough and the most important want to finish it as soon as possible. 9 months should be quite fast, right? 💪💪 加油!we sure still can keep in touch everyday, thanks to the advanced tech such as video call, internet, and all sosmed.

Kata hubby, don’t use too much feeling, because it’s hurt! Yeah bener juga sih, ini aja pas nulis kalo pikir bakal pisah for 9 months uda tears duluan.. 😭😢

But, we must be strong. I have started this road and i should complete it in order to make everything go smoothly in future, not go-round to zero again. I really appreciate the courage and continuous support that my hubby gives me. He knows me well. My passion for studying, my incomplete task that need to finish, our dreams, our family goals. Thank you honey! I’m sure will not let you down!

God, please keep us safe and altough we will be in different country, please protect our relationship so it’ll getting stronger and we can keep supporting each other and achieve our dreams together as a team!

There are some quotes that i wish can always remind us and make you out there that also face a same situation to have courages to sacrifice and support each other.

God be with us.. now and forever 🙏

Blue yena

Utang yang sempat terlupakan… story july-dec 2016!

Unbelievable, uda setaun berlalu.. pepatah China bilang:

光阴似箭 time flies like an arrow.

Jujur aja gue sendiri pun uda almost lupa apa aja yang terjadi taun 2016 2nd semester, untung aja ada foto-foto di facebook yang bisa remind.

Kita dapat 2 quite big project ngajar expat China & Taiwan untuk bulan juli-september sebanyak 3 kelas dan ada 1 kelas ngajar orang lokalnya mandarin. Tuhan selalu tau dan mencukupkan.. praise the Lord! Bersyukur bisa menambah jam terbang, nambah nominal di account dan juga nambahin temen-temen baru.

Bulan November 2016 uda anniversary kita yang ke 7. Whattt??!.. ga berasa banget.. hahaha.. rasanya masi kek pacaran, soalnya belum ada ekornya.. Dan ga ada perayaan khusus..hahaha.. ga romantis? Yeah, tiap hari kita juga makan-makan, jadi everyday have celebration deh 😂. Anyway, kita tetap bersyukur aja buat kesempatan yang dikasi, menikmati saat-saat berduaan.. Dan kita selalu meyakini “semua indah pada waktu Nya”

Last but not least, adalah waktu kebersamaan dengan keluarga dan ritual old and new bersama tetangga sekitar. Happy to be part of Ubud Kencana big family. Seperti taun-taun sebelumnya, old and new itu waktu kumpul-kumpul dengan neighbors. Di tengah kesibukan, mungkin biasanya cuma lempar senyum, skrg bisa ngobrol dan santai sejenak.

Tetap bersyukur walau langit tidak selalu biru..

Tetap bersyukur walau hujan dan badai menerpa..

Kuyakin selalu, Tuhan punya rencana indah buat setiap hamba-Nya.. aminn 🙏

Blue Yena

My 1st

As usual tradition untuk blogging di akhir dan awal taun. Here I am…

Dengan ini, saya nyatakan saya masi berhutang cerita pada blog ini untuk yang periode Jul-Dec 2016, gara-gara kemarin desember pas uda liburan ngejer2 film korea yang banyak tertinggal. Start with Fantastic, Goblin, Yong pal. Nonton sampe ga inget jam.. akhirnya ga sempet nyusun cerita jul-dec yg masi pending. Utang dulu yaa..

Today, i mo start cerita baru untuk 2017 ajaa.. anyway, Happy New Year 2017!

Berhubung hari ini 1st Day in 2017, gue mo ceritain my 1st di hari pertama ini:

1. This is my 1st post in 2017 

2. This is our 1st pic, posted on 01-01-2017 01:14 AM. Cerita new year eve nya nyusul yaa..

3. This is my first prayer, which i dedicated to my President, Mr Jokowi. Semoga bapak diberkati kesehatan dan kebijaksanaan dalam memimpin negara ini. 

4. This ini my 1st morning after misa di St. Helena. Today’s weather is very nice, also got beautiful cloud on top of the Church. God be with us.. 

5. This is my 1st resolution, diukir di paper cutting yang gue buat sejak beberapa hari lalu. Paper cut jd my new hobby selama liburan ini. “不到长城非好汉”, original meaningnya itu : One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero. Tapi di balik itu ada arti yang menunjukkan keuletan untuk mencapai tujuan, karena kita tau great wall itu kan super panjang dan kalo mau daki perlu determination juga supaya ga halfway give up. Jadi gue angkat kalimat ini menjadi tema / resolusi 2017 gue. As a reminder supaya gue jangan give up until i reach my goal. Although i must go through many difficulties.

6. This is our dinner for today dan the 1st time we try Ichiban Sushi. Rasa oke banget, harga worth it untuk bento nya, cuma penampilan kurang. Hahaha.. but overall we quite satisfied.

7. Last but not least, hehehe ga penting banget ya, but i feel happy for it, which is: my 1st pikachu.. 😎✌️️ uda almost three months ga maen, hari ini iseng buka eh nongol si pika yg konon susah banget ditangkep, especially di lippo sini ga bakalan ada punya.. so i am happy! That’s the most important feeling.. 

Hope all things go well for this year. Of course yang paling utama adalah kesehatan dan rejeki yang secukupnya. Supaya my studying lancar jaya sampe last semester. 

Amienn.. 🙏


Blue Yena

Manfaat Tepung

Untuk bikin kueeee..! Ya, itu bener banget. 100 buat kamu!

Untuk mainan kek gini? 

Haishhh.. Emangnya eike masa kecil kurang bahagia? Masa tepung dibuat mainan… Tetooottt, anda salah! 

Ternyata oh ternyata, tepung ada manfaat ajaib lainnya. Ini gue buktikan sendiri hari ini. 

Gara-gara oh gara-gara dikasi pempek uda dari sebulan lalu kaga digoreng-goreng, sore ini tiba-tiba aja kepikiran mo makan. Padahal gue and hubby tuh paling males yang namanya goreng-menggoreng.. Selain ngabisin minyak, bikin lantai lengket-lengket, makan gorengan bikin kolesterol nae..

Ya udee, karena hari ini kepengen goreng, langsung lah menuju kitchen. Minyak uda panas, pempeknya uda dimasukkin, uda dibolak-balik biar mateng dalemnya karena abis dari freezer. Yupp, uda mateng.. So gue pergi siapin piring dipakein tatakan serbet untuk serap minyaknya.. Tiba-tiba denger suara letupan minyak.. Pas uda aman, gue samperin deh mo ngangkat pempek-pempeknya..

Tangan uda ngejulur ke luar mo ambil serokan… Awwww.. Minyaknya meletup lagi sampe ke semua telapak tangan gue.. 

Reflekss.. Langsung ke lemari, keluarin tepung dan container, hubby kaget langsung nyamperin, cepet-cepet tuangin tepung.. Langsung gue remes-remes tepungnya dan rendem tangan gue didalam tepung.. Awwww perihh banget, serasa ditusuk-tusuk. 

Dulu gue pas goreng ikan juga pernah kena minyak panas tapi cuma sepercik aja. Dan emang pake tuh tepung langsung tiada bekas..

Tapi ini kan minyaknya loncat sampe ke semua telapak tangan.. So, gue kuatir juga kalo bakal melepuh, malah gawat tangan kanan, ntar ga bisa nulis gimana mo ngajar.. Duhhh.. Moga-moga ga kenapa-napa..

Kalo dari hasil searching gue di mbah google, luka bakar minyak goreng tuh parah juga, bisa berair dan jadi merah semua.. Kek gini

Tapiiii.. Setelah gue rendem sekitar 30-40 menit, pokoknya sampe rasa ditusuk-tusuknya hampir ilang, gue beranikan diri bersihin tangan, trus gue cuci bekas tepungnya.. 

Traaa lalala.. Hasilnya gini 

Emang sih sampe berita ini diturunkan, daerah jempol sana masi perih dikit, cumaaa terbuktii ajaibbb banget kan? Tanpaa bekas dan ga melepuh sama sekalii.. Thanks God! 

Abis itu gue olesin zam-buk, dan sekarang uda berkurang perihnya.

Haishhh hubby uda sampe marah-marah, soalnya letupan minyak gorengnya sampe kemana-mana, dikompor, dipanci-panci sekitar, di lantai, ditembok.. Dasyat ya.. walaupun dia ngedumel bersihinnya tapi dia masi worry, en kasi warning next time no goreng-goreng lagi.. Hahaha

Abis tangannya bae, tetep lanjutt dimakan pempeknyaaa ✌️🙃😜 yummyy..

Makasihh banyakk ya tepung! Oh ya ini tepung segitiga biru yang biasa buat bikin-bikin kue. Tapi keknya semua tepung mungkin fungsinya sama ya.. So, inget aja sediain tepung di rumah and inget tips ini ya. Gue juga kebetulan aja dulu banget pernah baca soal tips ini dari internet. Dan gue selalu inget. Ternyata berguna banget! 


Blue Yena

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